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Heat Your Food Right

Professional Microwave Repair in Fort Collins, CO

The microwave oven has revolutionized our ability to make hot food fast. While there are ways around it’s use, once you’ve invested in this miraculous modern day invention, the effects of not having it if it’s broken can be felt, especially for this elf us with busy schedules. are found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide.

If your microwave is not heating food, or there is a burning smell coming from the inside of your microwave, it may be time for a repair. Your microwave may be on its way to being out of commission due to damaged or broke parts. At that point, its good to have it looked at by a trusted appliance repair company. Don’t hesitate to schedule a quick and easy repair.

At Local Motive Appliance, we specialize in microwave installation and microwave repair in Fort Collins, CO. We offer fast service, affordable rates, and quality workmanship on all types of microwaves—built-in, over range, and countertop models alike.

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Is Your Microwave Not Working? Let Us Fix It!

If you notice one of the issues above, getting home appliance repair is the best choice.

Most common microwave repair problems we face day-to-day

  • Microwave plate not rotating

    This can cause unevenly cooked food. If the plate doesn’t spin, we can check the guide roller, coupler, and more.

  • Microwave isn’t heating

    This is likely to happen when the unit gets old. We’ll check the door switch, voltages, and other components to get to the bottom of the issue.

  • Microwave making noises

    Several factors can cause your microwave to be noisy. For instance, it could be the plate, driver motor, or cooling fan. We’ll diagnose and fix the issue quickly.

Get Your Microwave Repaired Today

If your microwave isn’t heating up, it’s time to call us.

Our experts repair all makes and models of microwaves, including Samsung, GE, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, and more. We can get your microwave up and running again in no time! When you call us, we always come prepared for the job. Our team is trained to replace switches, fuses, lights and fan motors, drive bushings, stirrer belts, diodes, and more, on microwaves from all brands. Look no further than Local Motive Appliance for professional microwave repair in Fort Collins, CO!